Korea Windpower Management

K-wind is founded in 2019. We are the only and the first corporation, with blade field certified professionals in Korea.  

We, K-Wind, provide reliable services to customers based on international qualifications to perform O&M of wind power generators, and are the first and only company in Korea to have certified experts in the field of blades. level 3) and rotor blade inspection/repair technology certificates (modules 1 and 2) to provide services of international standards.
We determine the type of wind turbine damage and propose an appropriate repair method to carry out systematic repairs after prior consultation with customers. We provide transparency in work through real-time communication with customers based on the motto of ‘customer satisfaction’.
In order to contribute to the new and renewable energy policy being promoted as part of preparation for global climate change, we aim to impress customers with the best technology and service quality for maintenance of wind power generators.

Thank you.

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